The Crowd and the Merrimack

Fiction / Satire

Conrad O'Connor has created a careful regimen to guarantee his social status and not make any waves at his small town high school. However, when an old friend calls him out to the bridge one night, Conrad's routine is forever shaken. As his friend's decision ripples throughout their community, it becomes the catalyst for a deadly new trend.

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Author of fiction, illustrator, board game enthusiast

        Review from Goodreads

"A darkly satirical and thought provoking young adult fiction ... The main character, Conrad, is mature and entertaining in his narrative, whilst dealing with the rawness of teenage issues which any reader will be able to relate to."

        Reviews from Amazon

"Author Bryce Ian has very artistically touched a very sensitive subject of teenage student's school life and very well portrayed their mood swings and feelings which are far from the logical reasoning of adulthood."

"... Excellent depiction of those vivid memories from teenage years, and the difficult emotions that went with them.  I particularly enjoyed the writing style and voice of the main character, and I am definitely interested to read more from this author."

        Review of Audible version

"...This story really translates well to an audiobook - it has a great flow and the narrator truly enhances the experience. The narrator is an impressive mix of relatable and expressive, his tone and cadence take Ian’s words and adds dimension and depth to them..."